Help Us Help Them

Help Us Help Them

Help Us Help Them

Well, it’s payday. A day that typically brings excitement, but for the director of a new (but sizable) nonprofit, the anxiety begins to set in. We still have to choose which bills are paid on time. And when the choice is between necessary vet care or the roof over the 70 rescue pets’ heads, it is not a fun choice to make. Harmony has been a stand-alone nonprofit for just three months and will be around for three decades and longer; we just need a little help.

From one Harmony staff member to the rest at 11:37pm last night:

“Sorry it’s so late, I really hope I’m not waking anyone up, but something pretty cool just happened and I wanted to share it with you guys. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw Special K on one of the Lost and found Facebook pages, she had darted out the front door and wouldn’t come back. It had only been 30 minutes since they posted so I messaged him and headed down there because I know how scared she is with people she doesn’t know, and she’d only been with them 2 days, but I felt I had gained her trust while she was at the rescue so it was worth a shot. She had been out since 4 this afternoon and hadn’t gone too far but wouldn’t come with 100 yards of them. Within 2 minutes of me walking along and calling to her she came running up to me wagging her tail and wanting belly rubs. It just really hit me how important the work we are doing is and how it is so worth it to gain the trust of dogs like her, that have had really rough lives and just want love. I know the rescue life is so hard sometimes but moments like that make it so worth it. Let’s all keep saving furry lives and kicking ass, love you guys. Also I’ve been wiping puppy butt and changing puppy diapers all afternoon but she’s so cute I don’t even care ”

The 12 Harmony staff, or heroes as they should be called, are the biggest asset to the rescue animals. They give their all 4-7 long days a week, year-round, plus countless hours of volunteer time. These same knuckleheads leave work and go home to the 1-4 Harmony pets each have adopted. Their passion is real and it makes a real difference. This passion is what keeps them here even when the occasional paycheck bounces.

These heroes deserve to have a comfortable living wage where they can have fun and spend money in our community, buy a home, support a family. The decision to “settle” for a “traditional” career with a livable wage and benefits shouldn’t be a sacrifice these guys make. Nobody should give up on their dreams- especially if that dream is to save and enrich thousands of precious lives!

Currently there are about a dozen monthly givers who donate between $5-$500 a month. We KNOW we can get that number to 10 dozen monthly givers. This may require more of an effort and take more time to actually showcase the amazing work Harmony does with these donations. We pledge to be more active with the pictures and stories, documenting the lifesaving work that is Harmony and its invaluable staff. Our vision and goal is to see Harmony grow and provide an even happier and more enriched environment for the rescue and sanctuary animals. This dream WILL come into fruition because there are millions of people who want to support this work. Harmony has the best staff who live to do this work. We appreciate your support.



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