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Adopt Rescue Dogs In Grand Junction, CO

Are you looking for a new best friend? Well, we’ve got some furry four-legged friends who can’t wait to meet you. At Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary in Grand Junction, CO, you can always find the most lovable dogs for adoption.

All of our rescue dogs have been spayed or neutered, and have received the proper vaccinations. Additionally, each dog has been behavior-tested. With this test, we can help you pick out the dog that’ll be the perfect addition to your family.

Our adoption process is simple, inexpensive and straightforward. After we make sure the adoption is a good fit for everyone, you’ll be heading home with your new fur baby.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new pet, we welcome you to come to Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary to visit with our dogs. They love making new friends and are happy to play, go on outings or even join you for a sleepover!

Contact us right away if you’re thinking about adopting.


Additional dogs may be available, contact us if you have a specific kind of friend in mind.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we have some adorable pictures of our doggy residents! However, no number of pictures can beat coming to meet these little charmers in person. Visit Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary in Grand Junction, CO today to meet our rescue dogs.

Here are the dogs for adoption at Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary right now:


Gamora has been headstrong since day one. She does great with other dogs but is very particular with her people. Gamora is pretty fearful of men, and most new people, which brings out her Mr. Hyde. With patience and training, we know Gamora will let her sweet and playful side out to shine.


Who is more handsome than Clifford? If you are looking for a running or hiking partner, make an appointment to meet Clifford today. Only homeowners over 21 will be considered for this goofy bully.


Tiny Toby is going to take a special person- but he’s worth it! This five year old small breed was surrendered after his older owner wasn’t able to take him on his much-needed walk so he decided to take himself. Then, he had the nerve to nip the people trying to rescue him from a busy street! If you want a big dog in a small package, Toby is your guy!

Sir Richard

Sir Richard is the perfect dog! Come see why this one year old kid-living, ball-catching, hand-shaking hound would be a great addition to your family!

Lucky & Jackson

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