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Adopt Rescue Dogs In Grand Junction, CO

Are you looking for a new best friend? Well, we’ve got some furry four-legged friends who can’t wait to meet you. At Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary in Grand Junction, CO, you can always find the most lovable dogs for adoption.

All of our rescue dogs have been spayed or neutered, and have received the proper vaccinations. Additionally, each dog has been behavior-tested. With this test, we can help you pick out the dog that’ll be the perfect addition to your family.

Our adoption process is simple, inexpensive and straightforward. After we make sure the adoption is a good fit for everyone, you’ll be heading home with your new fur baby.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new pet, we welcome you to come to Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary to visit with our dogs. They love making new friends and are happy to play, go on outings or even join you for a sleepover!

Contact us right away if you’re thinking about adopting.


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Additional dogs may be available, contact us if you have a specific kind of friend in mind.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we have some adorable pictures of our doggy residents! However, no number of pictures can beat coming to meet these little charmers in person. Make an appointment with Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary in Grand Junction, CO today to meet our rescue dogs.

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Here are the dogs for adoption at Harmony Animal Matchmaker and Sanctuary right now:


Dolly is a gentle giant! This big goofy girl is 2-3 years-old and in search of the perfect person/family of her own. She gets along great with other dogs and people, but due to her playful puppy-like personality would do best in a home without small kids!


River is an athletic 6-month-old pointer mix who is filled to the brim with love to share; she has never met a stranger and loves everyone she meets! This girl is full of beans and super smart, which makes her the perfect adventure buddy, agility dog, or running partner!


This sweet one-year-old girl is a Lab Heeler X and as sweet as they come! She can be a little bit shy when meeting new people but warms up quickly with a little bit of love (and maybe some peanut butter.) She gets along great with other dogs but can be pretty bouncy when she gets excited around people and because of this will need a home without children under 10.


Two-year-old Evergreen is a bubbly energetic girl, with a big smile and so much love to give! She loves people and other dogs and would make a great hiking buddy for an active person/family.


Meet Spruce! This sweet, loving two-year-old loves people and does great with other dogs. She is an active girl with a lot of energy and would benefit from an active person/family to help keep her mentally and physically worn out!


Gypsum is an active and playful two-year-old. She loves people and would make an excellent hiking/adventure buddy for an active person or family!


14-year-old Zoey, is a sweet, laid-back pug who is in search of a retirement home! Zoey loves people and does great with other dogs but due to her age would do best in a home with no small kids or high-energy dogs.

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Rascal is a pit mix that’s full of love and life! He’s a big boy with a big heart but, because of his size, should be with kids that are older than 10. Rascal loves to stop and sniff everything he can on walks (though his favorite part of any exercise is when he can lay down afterwards). While he’s great with small groups of other dogs, he can become overwhelmed by a lot of dogs at once. Rascal would do best in a home that can help keep him active and enjoy lots of cuddle time!


Bentley is a pointer mix that’s only a year and a half old! He’s always in a good mood and has a smile on his face. Bentley is great with other dogs and would make an amazing agility dog! This smart boy would do best in an active home who is excited to harness Bentley’s energy!


Agatha is an under 2 black mouth cur mix. She may be large, but she LOVES kids! This beauty plays well with other dogs and always has a smile on her face. Agatha would love a family with a yard and lots of walks with her favorite humans!

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Contrary to what her name suggests, Feisty is a sweet girl! She loves giving kisses and wagging her tail so hard that her whole body moves! Feisty is the perfect size and energy level to be your Colorado adventure companion. Whether she’s your only dog or if she’s a doggy sibling, Feisty would be a fantastic addition to your pack!

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He may not have a boat, but he’ll be the captain of your heart! Captain is a two-year-old blue heeler mix with a grin that’s a mile wide! He plays well with all sized dogs and loves to give kisses to everyone he meets. He would do best in an active home that is able to help him lose a little weight!

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Nocci is the PERFECT dog! And we don’t say that lightly! She is a senior sweetheart with the kindest temperament and the biggest heart. Although she’s getting on in years, this girl still likes to play with other dogs and enjoy the outdoors before resting in the best sunbeam she can find. If you’re looking for a truly amazing dog, Nocci is your perfect match.

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Looking for a clever companion with the energy to enjoy long adventures? Aloe is your girl! She is fun, playful, affectionate, and would love nothing more than to be your forever sidekick! She’d thrive in an active home with someone who could continue to work on her basic training


Plato is a heartworm survivor with a heart of gold! He is gentle and affectionate and loves everyone! At just under 4 years old, this boy has reached his max size and has a lot of life left to enjoy with you. If you love yummy snacks, walks in the sunshine, and people watching as much as Plato does, you could be his perfect match!

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Watch out world, Matches is ready to play! This spunky little girl is a bundle of fun with a bold personality you’re sure to fall in love with. At under a year, Matches has some growing left to do, but we anticipate that she’ll grow to be a petite-medium build dog. She loves to play with other dogs, chase balls, jump in the air (with excitement), and get lots of pets from the people around her. The perfect household for Matches would be active and ready to support basic command training with her

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Slick is THE most handsome senior pup! He loves short walks, chasing balls, and getting ear scratches from his favorite people! This poor guy came from a rough background, but you’d never know it with that smile on his face! Although his perfect home wouldn’t include cats or kids, Slick would be a perfect fit for any adult that loves the senior pup life


This sweet guy is young and a little shy, but full of affection for the people and dogs in his life! He’s working on learning his basic commands and feeling brave in new situations. He’s not ready for adoption quite yet, but stay tuned for when this pocket pittie becomes available

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Dingo is a two year old shepherd mix with a heart of gold! She loves to play and hike and take naps in the sunshine. This sweet girl would make an amazing companion, but has trouble showing potential adopters how great she is because of her dislike of leashes. Dingo would do best in a family that’s willing to help her on leash and further her basic command training!

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Mila is a stunning blonde husky with bright blue eyes and the biggest smile! This lady is around 4 years old, loves to sing, hike, and be outside in nature with you! Mila would do best in an active home with no other small animals. If you’re looking for a gorgeous gal to duet with, Mila is your perfect match!


Bjorn is the sweetest senior cat you could dream of! All this boy wants is a soft bed, a sunbeam, and lots and lots of snuggles. While his past is a mystery to us, Bjorn’s future looks bright with the right family. He would thrive as a single cat in a household, but with the right introduction, Bjorn could do well with other cats!

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Panda is a two year old frenchie and english bull dog! He’s outrageously outgoing and LOVES people! This handsome fellow would like nothing more than to be your best friend. Panda would do best in a home that is willing to continue working on training and preferably has no other animals.


Crimini is a young adult lab mix who is working on his bravery! He starts off shy and likes to take time to get to know you before his personality shines. Crimini loves snacks (especially if you’re the one eating them), sunbathing, and playing outside! Although it may take a minute to earn his trust, having Crimini as a friend makes the time spent SO worth it!

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Radical rottweiler alert! Constance is an extremely intelligent, loving, exciting young dog. She knows basic commands and has the stamina to go on long Colorado adventures with you! This incredible dog would do best in an active home with a family that’s willing to keep her mentally stimulated and physically worked.

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This feisty angel has a big personality! Maddie has a heart as large as the sky and an energy level to match. She is looking for an active family that’s able to work with her on training and manners. If you’re willing to put in the time, Maddie is SO worth the effort!

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Dixie is a 2 year old pit mix. She loves other dogs and people too! If you’re looking for someone to go on walks, hikes, or run with Dixie would make a great companion! Dixie has been with us since Feb 2023

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Dixie is a 2 year old pit mix. She loves other dogs and people too! If you’re looking for someone to go on walks, hikes, or run with Dixie would make a great companion! Dixie has been with us since Feb 2023

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Funyuns is a fun loving dog who loves attention. If you are looking for a loving companion, Funyuns is your man. He is under 2 years old and weighs about 55lbs. This sweet boy is on the mellow side. He gets along with other dogs and loves people. Make an appointment today!


Coconut is under 2 years old. She is super sweet and loves cuddles. She’s medium sized and weighs 55-60lbs. She plays well with other dogs. Coconut is missing half of one of her ears which makes her extra special and cute! Make your appointment today!

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Izzy is a 3-year-old chi-weenie looking for a home full of love! She loves snacks and playing in the grass with her dog friends. Although she starts off shy, with a little time and gentleness, she warms up and asks for pets all day. Izzy would do best in a home without children.

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Small dog alert! Lady is a four year old chihuahua who would love nothing more than to be in your lap 24/7. She’s good with other dogs and with kids and would make an amazing dog for some one who is home often (or doesn’t mind a chihuahua companion during their day!)

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Koda is a gorgeous, gentle giant! At just under a year old, this akbash boy has lots of life and love to give his forever home! He loves going on long walks, leaning into you for snuggles, and taking it easy in soft grass. Koda would do best in a home lots of space to roam and without cats and small dog siblings.

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This little guy is a pug, chihuahua, beagle mix that we affectionately refer to as a “chuggle” – it’s no wonder that Bo is as cute as can be! He’s not ready for adoption quite yet but keep your eyes peeled for when he is! Bo starts off timid and shy, but when given the time to warm up, he shines.

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Dasher is as cute as they come! This young guy almost always has a smile on his face – especially when he sees his favorite people! Although he starts off shy, when he warms up he shows off his sweet and goofy personality. Dasher loves hugs, ear scratches, and giving kisses to his friends! He would do best in a home that gives him time to become comfortable and who would be able to help him work on his leash skills!

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Autumn is a young cattle dog mix that simply oozes charm and affection! She loves to snuggle, explore, romp around with other dogs, and take naps in the sunshine. If you’re looking for a puppy that will grow to a midsize, intelligent adult, Autumn is your gal! She would thrive in a home with all types of people and animals

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Bullseye is a 3 year old border collie with a sweet disposition! He’s curious, energetic, knows basic commands, and wants to please! Whether you love running, hiking, or throwing a ball endlessly for fetch, Bullseye would love to be right by your side. He would do best in an active household that knows how to keep a border collie physically and mentally stimulated

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Who doesn’t love a gray kitten? Olivia is ready to love you! She is sweet, curious, and playful – the perfect kitten combination. Cute as a button and twice as precious, she would make an amazing addition to your family

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Although he had a rough start to life, Twist has turned it around! He is a young kitten with his whole life ahead of him – hopefully full of snuggles, sunbeams, and so much love! Twist is a sweet little guy who would make an amazing addition to your family

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Who doesn’t love a big fluffy kitty? Bowser is an amazing cat that is great with kids, adults, and dogs! He can be selective about the cats he likes, but that’s the only thing he’s picky about! He loves food of every kind, laps of every kind, and blankets of every kind! This sweet boy would make the perfect addition to any household

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Dolores is just a year old. She loves smiling and loves affection. She can be a little shy at first but it won’t take her long to warm up. She plays well with other pups and does well with kids. Make an appointment today!

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